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The Cyclades Islands are one of the most beautiful clusters of islands in the Mediterranean. Comprised of 56 islands, of which only 24 are inhabited, they provide a plethora of stunning rocky cliffs, charming whitewashed towns, secluded coves, beaches, islets and bays to explore. Motor and sailing enthusiasts alike will find a shrine to their passion in these beautiful islands that are characterized by traditional blue and white architecture, delicious food, and ancient temples. Whether you charter a yacht in stylish Mykonos, legendary for its sophisticated nightlife, or the volcanic island of Santorini, the gem of the Aegean, you will be sure to have a charter of a lifetime! This archipelago also has all the ingredients to be the yacht charter destination for dvery vacation. Chartering a yacht in Greece allows you to jump from island to island at your hearts content. There is no better way to explore and get a feel for all the islands that make up this fantastic country and are so unique in nature!


All types of boats can be chartered in the Cyclades Islands with both sailing and motor yachts being a wonderful way to experience this fantastic part of the Mediterranean. Because Athens is the hub of the yachting industry in Greece and is so centrally located, the best way to charter around these islands is to fly into Athens and then from there make the trip over to the Cyclades. Weather conditions and times to charter: the climate is generally dry and mild from May through September, with temperatures climbing to 30-32 during July and August. The ideal time to visit the Cyclades Islands is June through mid July. By the end of July and August however, the ‘Meltemi’ wind that blows from the north, northwest can reach Force 5-6 and even on occasion Force 7-8 so caution is advised. These wind conditions provide invigorating sailing, though at their peak could be too much for the less experienced amongst you.


  • 20-30 days, would be the ideal charter duration for those wishing to visit most of the Cyclades islands, as each one has so many amazing experiences to offer.
  • 14-20 days would be enough to visit the most interesting islands and acquire a satisfactory taste of the area.
  • In 7 days, yachters will face the difficulty to choose only 4-8, among the 24 amazing islands, depending on their yachts speed, weather conditions and the time they want to spend sailing. The most popular 7 days charter itineraries (starting/ending Athens) are:

    a)Western Cyclades: Kea (Tzia), Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos & Polyegos, Milos.
    b)Western, North & Central Cyclades. In this case yachters have to choose among: Kea, Kythnos, Syros, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos.
    Western, Central & South Cyclades. In this case yachters have to choose among: Kea, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Small Cyclades (Koufonisi, Iraklia, Shinousa), Ios, Folegandros, Amorgos, Santorini.



KEA – Vourkari picturesque fishing village / port

KYTHNOS – Kolona amazing beach

KYTHNOS – Loutra bay & village

SERIFOS – Traditional Town “HORA” (on the hill – amazing views)

SERIFOS- Golden Sand beach (east coast) & other east coast beaches

SERIFOS – Koutalas bay & Ganema beach

SERIFOS – 60 wonderful beaches

SIFNOS – Mideaval Castle Town with great views

SIFNOS – Traditional Town “HORA”

POLYEGOS – Uninhabited island with the most intense transparent blue transparent waters!

KIMOLOS – Prassa Exotic Beach (NE)

MILOS – Kleftiko Simply Amazing place with caves & rocks in the sea

MILOS – Sarakiniko – “Moon-like” scape with beach (N)

MILOS – Papafragas - Amazing Cave beach

MILOS – Firiplaka & Tsigrado beached (S)

MILOS – Fyropotamos fishing village (N) with the SYRMATA and the transparent blue sea

MILOS - Traditional Town “HORA” with great views

FOLEGANDROS - Traditional Town “HORA” with great views and great places to eat & have fun . Considered as the MOST beautuful of Kyklades

FOLEGANDROS – Katergo beach with the transparent emerald sea


AMORGOS - Traditional Town “HORA” (one of the most beautiful) & Tholaria Traditional Village

AMORGOS – Hozoviotisa Monastery & the near by Agia Anna & Mourou beaches

ANDROS – 60 amazing beaches

ANDROS – Traditional Town “HORA”

ANDROS – Lakes – waterfalls – rivers

ANDROS – Traditional villages (Stenies – Apikia)

IOS - Traditional Town “HORA”

IOS – 50 amazing beaches (most of them isolated) – Maganari, Tripiti, Papa, Pikri Nero, 3 Klisies, Agia Theodoti are the best!

MYKONOS – The traditional Town “HORA” – Super Cosmopolitan & Chic

MYKONOS – 60 amazing beaches – trendy beach bars

MYKONOS – Rinia uninhabited islet with exotic beaches

NAXOS – 60 amazing exotic beaches

NAXOS – Picturesque old Castle Town (in the capital)

NAXOS – Apiranthos very picturesque village

PAROS – Naousa fishing village – One of the most picturesque ports

PAROS – Parikia Capital “Hora”

PAROS – Many nice beaches (Hrisi Akti, Kolybithres, Monastiri etc)


SYROS – Ermoupoli the Capital with the impressive mansions

TINOS – 50 very picturesque traditional villages

TINOS – 50 amazing beaches


Cyclades have a history of 13.000 yrs and one of the most important ancient civilizations (4 – 2.000 b.c.). Almost all islands offer more than one important archaeological sites & museums. Some of the most important Archaeological sites of the world are found in Cyclades, such as Delos (uninhabited island near Mykonos) and Akrotiri in Santorini.


The Cycladian islands have more than 1.500 AMAZING beaches, with crystalline blue-green waters, that will satisfy all tastes: Isolated that can only be reached by boat, vibrand and cosmopolitan, small, large etc.


All Cycladian islands have picturesque traditional villages. Their capital villages are named HORA.


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